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Download this Questionnaire

1. Is the Website for: Personal or Business ?

2. What services do you offer, or would like to offer ?

3. Do you need Ecommerce, or just the ability to accept payments ?

4. Do you run a Hotel, Guesthouse, Gite, etc, and need the ability to take bookings ?

5. Do you currently have a LOGO ?

6. Do currently have a Colour Scheme, or have an idea of what you would like ?

7. Do you have any Images you would like to use ?

8. Do you have, or will you have any Social Media, ie(Facebook) you would like included ?

9. Would you like the ability to Chat (live or otherwise) with you site visitors ?

10. What Features/Pages would you like included:
     a. About Us (with team members)
     b. Newsletter Signup

     c. Social Integration ie(Facebook, Twitter, etc)

     d. Site Search
     e. Multilingual

     f.  Ecommerce/Accept Payments

     g. On-line Booking Facility

     h. Digital Downloads
     i.  Blog
     j. Contact Form (what information do you need to collect?)
     k. Do you require Member Pages ?
Do you have someone that can look after site content with regard to the Blog or collation of materials to Download etc, or do you need a maintenance contract ? 

Another very important thing to consider, ALL the Websites I design are GDPR compliant, unlike the majority (90% +) of sites currently live online. The fines for not being compliant are very high, and not worth the risk.

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